Top Club Activities
Kaiwen has nearly 60 clubs covering sports, music, the arts, science, creativity and more.
Kaiwen hires world-class teachers and adopts an American framework to comprehensively improve students' art and PE achievements as well as their international perspective.
The core course emphasizes vocal music skills, sight singing, music theory, and a basic knowledge of music history. It discusses different cultures and choral music from different periods through learning and performance.
Wild Jazz
In this intermediate jazz course, intermediate to advanced jazz repertoires are studied and played. At the same time, basic knowledge and skills about jazz are also consolidated through performance and practice. Kaiwen holds a Jazz Festival every year.
Concert Band
An advanced course for students who have musical performance experience. Students will continue to improve their vocal music and performance skills and through music elements to develop innovation ability and cooperation spirit.
Painting Workshop
This is an introductory course covering the basic principles of painting, such as still life, landscapes, and portraits. The course focuses on black-and-white drawing style by utilizing drawing tools such as pencils and charcoal sticks. We advise you take this course before enrolling in advanced courses such as painting, computer graphics, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and wood block painting.
Graphic Design
This course introduces both the universality and diversity of the use of graphic design and applied art. Students will discover the cultural dimension of visual and text elements and learn to appreciate internationalized themes regarding the globalization and localization of design information. Students personally explore and complete projects on design aesthetics and communication.
Creative Handicrafts Workshop
Students will participate in making various unique handicrafts, such as paper cutting, paper folding, and pottery, to cultivate their creativity and practical skills.