I come from Tsinghua University High School (THHS), an excellent school with one hundred years of history and seven years of outstanding international education.

My career in education began in 1987, and over the course of the last 30 years, I have experienced China's rapid economic development and massive educational reforms and innovation both as a witness and a participant. During this time, I have continuously sought after advanced pedagogical and school management methods. I have studied abroad, participated in many trainings, and visited and interacted with many different Chinese and foreign schools; I have learned from both my predecessors and my peers and have read countless books on education. When I was faced with the question of how to manage Kaiwen, however, I discovered that, in the end, the crux of the matter is simple – love our students.

Because I love my students, I respect them, including their personalities, habits, and choices. I observe them, including their potential and their emotions. I'm always patient with them, walking alongside them, guiding them, and encouraging them. Throughout ancient and modern history, from Confucius to Socrates, Tsinghua University High School to Eton College, loving students is the highest and most fundamental experience.

In the time to come, I will continue to love our students, and lead Kaiwen to inherit Tsinghua's foundation of a hundred years as well as success. I will do my utmost to broaden my knowledge and improve my accomplishments to better direct our faculty and lay a solid foundation for building one of the world's finest schools.

Management Team at KWA