Incremental Core Courses
A bilingual distinctive curriculum independently developed based on K-12 China National Curriculum Standards and Common Core State Standards.
Courses in middle school become more difficult, and the advantages of a small class size become more apparent. The level of student participation increases significantly and students are expected to establish closer relationships with teachers in every subject. This is crucial for a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school. Learning at the middle school stage mainly focuses on academic and personal growth to prepare students for upcoming high school studies.
The proportion of mathematics increased, teaching in both Chinese and English.
An additional period of English class is added per week, with an increase of English literature ratio.
For Chinese courses, the period ratio for Chinese social sciences increases because middle school students can better understand and accept culture.
Different science subjects are arranged for each grade level: Biology is taught in Grade 6 and Physics is taught in Grades 7 and 8. In addition, we offer lab experiments and scientific reading courses to improve students' ability to conduct experiments and to meet the need to connect Chinese and foreign knowledge.
In middle school, we attach great importance to teamwork. During classroom learning and after-school activities, we encourage students to get involved in team activities. We provide and create opportunities for students to develop their leadership. For example, we organize group discussions, community service, and social surveys. These activities help students become confident and responsible and inspire them to positively face difficulties and challenges in their future studies and life.