In our daily life, “electricity” is everywhere, and it plays a decisive role in the development of human history and the advancement of science and technology. “How is electricity delivered to thousands of homes?", "What can we do to save electricity?", "How can the cities use electricity more harmoniously in the future?", etc., with these curiosities about "electricity", On November 1st, Kaiwen students participating in the Future City competition visited the Beijing Electric Power Exhibition Hall under the guidance of the teacher of Science Department to experience the new power of humanities and technology.

The exhibition of “Electricity Lights up the Planet” caught the eyes of the visitors. The students learned about the development of Beijing's power supply through videos, touch-screen TVs, interactive games and other ways, they marveled at the power of electricity to change the city's appearance. The popular science exhibition area is the favorite place for the students. Through the in-depth understanding of the development, transmission, transformation, distribution, and use of electricity, the students learned the process of electricity generation and supply, the general knowledge of safe use of electricity in families and enterprises and so on.

Not just text reading and browsing, there is also interactions and practical operations. The students actively participated in various interactive items in the museum, watched the sand table simulation, experienced the simulation of electric vehicle drivers, the new "electric appliances" are convenient and environmentally friendly.

“Electromagnetic swing”

“Point Discharge”

"Electricity knowledge competition”

"Action of Kilowatt-Hour”

"How does electricity come to my home?"

"The inconspicuous kilowatt-hour has such a big effect! It can make 9W energy-saving lamp continuously lighting for more than 100 hours, allow 1000 citizens talk 15 minutes, run a common fan for 15 hours, etc., which makes me understand the importance of saving every kilowatt-hour.", a student from Grade 8 said. While experiencing the remarkable achievements of national electric power development, the students considered more on the harmonious use of electricity and the building of green cities in the future.

The concept of sustainable urban development in the future, "humanities, technology, and green" advocated in the power exhibition hall is also the key point for the theme of this future city competition, "Urban Energy." Through this visit, the students fully understood the principles of modern urban power generation and supply, and the importance of “humanity” and “green” for building a future city. Everyone will have a new inspiration and design a future green energy-based high-tech city to stand out from the competition.

The Field Trip of Kaiwen not only guides students to learn knowledge but also cultivates students' humanistic feelings. We expect that each student of Kaiwen grows up to be a youth with both cultural literacy and social responsibility.