Drawing a decorative wall, cleaning the classroom and the garbage, and carrying articles to the warehouse, the seemingly simple behavior of the students decorated the single-color campus.  "Thanks to the hard work of the seniors, our school has become more and more beautiful!" - The children from a migrant school in Beijing expressed their sincere gratitude to kaiwen students.

Students from Grade 9 -11 came to a primary school for migrant worker’s children in Beijing to participate in volunteer service. In just one day, with the joint efforts of everyone, the students painted a beautiful graffiti wall for the school and carried articles to the warehouse.
Under the guidance of the students from the School of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, everyone seriously put themselves into the task of decorating the wall and completed a variety of cute cartoon characters.

The students put on a plastic coat to protect the school uniform, rolled up their sleeves and picked the brushes, got ready to draw.


“Let’s me help”, challenging the high altitude painting.

Principal Wang Shi also participated in it, discussed with the students how to decorate the wall more beautifully. With a few strokes, he sketched out a small vivid turtle. Under his encouragement and guidance, the students enthusiastically used their imagination to create their own works.

The bold and creative ideas sprout up, the colorful underwater world, the warm pastoral farms, and the lovely little animals were displayed on the wall.

Some students showed off their painting skills and creativity, while others became porters and cleaners.

Let's do it together! The articles were moved from one to the other, the students helped each other and cheer each other on. 

Not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tiredness, not foolhardy, using your mind to do fast and good. 

After lunch,  the students from Kaiwen became a basketball coach, teaching the primary school students the skills of shooting, layup, and pass; in a short break, they soon became one. 

Although the school's library is simple, it is warm everywhere. The students sat in a small chair to listen to the sharing meeting, learning the history of the establishment and development of the primary school for the migrant worker’s children, and thus got a deeper understanding of the volunteer service work.

“Although the facilities are rudimentary, the children are very serious in class and independent.” “It’s not just the process of service, but also the process of communicating and collaborating with others.” “I hope I can help them more.”

The process of public service not only helps to cultivate students' team awareness and leadership, but also trains their ability to use their brains and hands, and let them know how to cherish the happy life they have. Although the action is small, the kindness is big, the public service activities of Kaiwen will continue to go on, and the students will participate in richer social services and public donation.