The last month of 2018 proved to be a harvest season for Kaiwen Academy. 

On December 15, Mr. Pattenden, head mathematics teacher of the secondary school, was awarded the honor “Haidian Outstanding Foreign Teacher of 2018”.
On December 16, the Kaiwen team won five prizes at the 2019 US STEM League Competition (China). 
On December 20, the Kaiwen Musical Club version of Hairspray, a Broadway classical, debuted.
On December 21, the Primary School staged the end-of-semester concert. 
These are the fruits of STEM education and arts education in Kaiwen Academy. 

01 Mathematics is fun!

Honors are one of the recognitions of math teaching and the fruit of teachers’ research, exploration and practice of math teaching over the years. 
“How to make math more fun” is a question that has been lingering in the mind of Mr. Stephen Pattenden in his teaching career. 

“Through my passion for the subject, I aim to show my students the beauty of mathematics and its effectiveness as a tool to understand the world around them. To let them see that it’s a fun and creative endeavor; not just about learning facts and studying in books, but one where we can apply and explore our ideas and discuss solutions.”

--- Stephen Pattenden

02 Never stop challenging 
On December 15 and 16, 2018, Kaiwen Academy sent two teams to the US STEM League Competition (China) of the 2019 competition season to compete with the other 30 teams representing 15 other schools across China. They won the third place in terms of team score, the first place in team presentation, and the second place in lap speed and in endurance. Kaiwen Academy was awarded the honorary title of “Model School of PBL Teaching”. 

After a four-month Ten80 outreach program, the Kaiwen team presented what they had learned in an eight-minute speech and a 30-second video clip. 

During the systematic learning program, students focused on the subject of vehicle and applied relevant math and physics knowledge to probe into the reverse engineering of the mechanical system of smart vehicles. This is a key demonstration of project-based learning advocated by Kaiwen Academy. 

Taking part in competitions is a way to test abilities and demonstrate what you have learnt. As Mr. Louise Roberts stressed, the learning process is more rewarding. 

Assembling the race car at the competition site

“Through the Ten80 program,we are seeking to find the leaders of the future, at Kaiwen Academy, by providing the students with lifelong skills. We provide the guidance to help students to think for themselves and become independent learners, this will have a great impact on all their learning skills across every discipline, not just STEM activities. Students will perfect their interdisciplinary attributes enabling them to work in a diverse and multicultural society.”
--- Louise Roberts

03 Everybody can dance!

The art of musical is a comprehensive stage art, incorporating elements of many other art disciplines such as music, dance, literature, drama, poetry, film, and painting. The musical class is one of the key courses for Kaiwen Academy to experiment cross-disciplinary education. 

The musical performance staged on December 19 is a fruit of cross-disciplinary education. 

After three months of learning and rehearsal, students have demonstrated amazing artistic talents and become a better, more confident person. The flowers and applauses from the audience were a trophy of their hard work. 

04 The angel is singing

At the end of the semester, the primary school students staged a concert for parents. They showed what they had learnt through piano duet, ballet dance and chorus. 

Their concentrated and committed performance infected every parent and teacher present with their love for arts. 

We will carry these heartwarming, shining moments of 2018 with us as we enter into 2019, a year of even more hopes and success.