Upholding the philosophy of adaptability, courage and persistence distinctive to Kaiwen Academy in Haidian District of Beijing, the school tailor-made military camp activity for students of the sixth grade to increase their ability to learn, foster their senses of teamwork and build their physical wellness. All students of the sixth grade attended the activity from August 12 to 16, 2019.


The activity aims at helping students to foster sense of teamwork and strength both their body and mind with formation training, project-based learning and team-building exercise. In the military camp activity, Kaiwen students explored ways to solve problems and experience a growth process of self-discovering, reflecting and improving.


Military training is a basic way for students to take national defense education. It is a compulsory course students have to take to forge their mind and morality. Clad in olive-green uniform, Kaiwen students stood still like upright trees regardless of bean-like sweat streaming down from their cheeks. The whistling, step stamping and chanting presented an ensemble about the essence of military training and that of being an enlisted person.


Military training is a test for physical strength and a test for one’s willpower. Students devoted themselves into the tight-scheduled training. Fearing no hardship, they followed the instructions of military commander. In formation making, they kept solemn manner, and held tight the body with hands down, and eyes upfront. They stood upright and maintained neat formations, showcasing what troops should be behaving. They rose to the challenge with dedication and harvested growth in the process.


“First set of military boxing! Square off!” “Ha!” Stand upright, fists clenched, and movements begin. The military boxing integrates body building, performance and fighting. To Kaiwen students, practicing the sports will help enhance their physical strengths and ability of self-defense. In the process of learning, students paid heed to the commander’s instructions with enthusiasm and worked hard to do the standard movements. Their clenched fists represented solidarity, determination as well as power. 


During the training, Kaiwen students made the practices joyful with singing battles between different classes. They learnt a lot of songs and sang many revolutionary songs with passion, filling the multifunctional room with vitality. They developed a deeper understanding of the emotions conveyed by the lyrics. With the battles, students had their friendship enhanced and morale boosted.


During breaks, students, with big smiles on face, helped each other and offered each other refreshing drinks. In the military training, they made confident friends. They said it left them many joyful memories that they would never forget.


On August 16, 2019, the closing ceremony of the military camp was held on the football field. To solemn national anthem music, students of the four classes in the sixth grade stood in neat formation to wrap up the precious experience.


The students performed formation and military boxing. The brave and bright young students made uniform movements under orders like “at ease,” “attention,” “quick step” and “on the double.” When performing the military boxing, they presented full spirit and power. The one-week training turned the young cranes to soldiers with high morale.


The one-week military camp activity wrapped up, forging Kaiwen students’ willpower, and indomitable fighting spirit, strengthening their senses of discipline and collective honor, building their bodies and fostering good habits in study, behavior and life. In their future life and study, they will carry forward the traditional fine conducts and strive for the best in the pursuit of dreams. We are looking forward to the growth of Kaiwen students.