Knotting, building a shelter, making a water purifier,

Building gun positions, mapping, constructing a load-bearing bridge

Making public speech, debating, body language,

Dodging the ball, flying a disc, and making a bow……

Kaiwen students gained hands-on experience in the one-week event

They raised questions, reflected on the process and concluded the key points,

Getting multiple learning methods for developing core quality.


The pioneer camp is part of Kaiwen Academy’s course system. With scouting activities, project-based learning, communication skills training and sports events, the activity aims at improving students’ abilities of natural leadership, learning leadership, communication leadership and sports leadership, raising their sense of team working, abilities of critical thinking and building a civilized campus with joint efforts.


Natural Leadership


One day, if you were trapped in the wild by accident, do you know how to save yourself? By learning how to knot, build shelters, relay in rescue, and make a water purifier, Kaiwen students explored nature on campus, experienced fun in life and felt the meaning of life. In the process, they learned the law of nature and developed the ability to lead nature. As the slogan put forth by the UNESCO, education of the 21st century is about “Learning to be.”

PBL Leadership


In making water rockets, Roman forts, doing the mapping and building weight-bearing bridges, students of Kaiwen Academy were motivated to think, explore and plan in real situations. They transformed the passive individual learning to voluntary studies in coordination, and superficial learning into in-depth studies in feeling the charm of science presented in an integrated manner and had their capabilities of spotting and solving problems improved.


Communicational Leadership


“Communication” in Chinese first appeared in an ancient classic work, Zuozhuan, meaning connecting two waterways. Today, communication abilities are about who to communicate with, what to communicate, and how to communicate. Via extreme codes to communications, non-violent communications, impromptu speeches, debates and training of body language, Kaiwen students had their communication skills, and critical thinking abilities improved. Their abilities to motivate and influence were also enhanced.


Sport Leadership


Studies show that the training for better coordination of body and brain will enable people to better control themselves, and handle difficult challenges through pushing one’s limits. People of such abilities are good leaders and will win in competition. In sports, Kaiwen students fostered their abilities of team working and decision making. In dodging balls, flying discs, competing in rugby games, and making archeries, they learned to be strong and to handle pressure. While improving themselves, they trusted their partners better.


Closing Ceremony


On August 16, 2019, the closing ceremony of the pioneer camp was held in the auditorium hall. Li Yongyuan, Principal of Kaiwen Academy in Haidian District delivered a speech. He said he hoped students had their leaderships improved through the activities by pushing their own limits. “Cherish every step in your life and study as this will affect the future you. In life, every step counts,” he said.


Kaiwen students took a look at the past week and shared their feelings with presentations such as Wait a Moment, Someone Said You Can’t, and When Happiness Knocks on the Door. Their awareness of sympathy to others and courage to handle difficulties were raised. In face of various difficulties, they determined they would devote themselves to learning and grow to a person they dream of.


Being young is about rising to challenges,

Adolescence is not perfect without experiencing hardship.

Kaiwen students

Remember every highlighting moment

In your future life journey.