Meet in Kaiwen

In August

Expecting the dynamic cranes with eagerness

Camp activities: Growth, the best thing

Before the new semester, Kaiwen Academy in Haidian District of Beijing customized military camp, pioneer camp and leadership camp for students of the secondary education department. Through the activities, students had their willpower forged, and leaderships and critical thinking abilities improved. They also developed sense of handling and solving global challenges through cooperation and innovation.


Decorating the classroom: The walls are talking


Planting or pictures or posters, we are integrating aesthetics into efforts in tapping the educational functions. In this way, even the walls in schools are talking.

By educator Vasyl Sukhomlynsky


An outstanding class must have a clean, cozy and harmonious environment. It must be filled with laughing. Classroom arrangement is an essential part of campus cultural building in Kaiwen Academy, and also a way to foster good conducts and collective power.


There are two basic elements in arranging a classroom in Kaiwen Academy. The first is that the classroom should be clean and cozy. The second is that they should be unique and inspired by original ideas. The walls, the door, bookshelves and exhibition space, commonplace things will turn into magic after arrangement by the ideas of foreign and Chinese headmasters. It will convey the inspiration of students and teachers.


In the new semester, the desks, chairs, flowers, plants, pictures and posters in the classrooms will showcase the intelligence and power of Kaiwen students and teachers and expose students in an artistic environment.


Teachers training: Professionalism propels growth 


Before the new semester, Kaiwen Academy prepared a variety of training courses for teachers of various grades, including the project-based learning and tribes training for cross-discipline coordination and exchanges. Teachers’ abilities were further improved.


The various training programs broadened the teachers’ horizons in teaching. With passion, they found their position from a more visionary perspective. Together with the students, they will grow and make further progress.


Enrolment: Meeting vigorous “cranes”


From August 11 to 18, 2019, new primary and secondary students came to register for the new semester. The campus became alive after a quiet summer vacation thanks to the coming of the young “cranes.”


With simple registration procedure, clearly-defined roles and eye-catching signs, the school offered parents and students an easy registration experience. As they stepped into the campus, there were teachers guiding them to each procedure and answering their questions.


At the new start of new life, we wish the young “cranes” to cherish their confidence and determination to sail to the islands of dream in this ocean of knowledge in Kaiwen Academy. 


After school: Helping younger students


After school, there came a touching scene on campus. Senior students of higher grades escorted young students to the school door. The smiles of the younger students said it all. The crowd was brimmed with friendship and happiness, “Hands in hands, let’s go together.”


Young cranes,

The new journey is about to begin,

With a set goal, determination to fight

In full sail,

And explore your colorful dream in Kaiwen.