Q: what does a scholarship mean to you?

A: It means encouragement, confidence, affirmation and challenge.

-Work hard and do not let myself down.

-Learn and earn, and it’s probably the best result.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, HKWA launched the Suoyuhe (Demoiselle Crane) scholarship program that aims to use education funds to encourage students who are eager to learn, excel in both quality and study and pursue excellence. The Scholarship Committee assessed and screened the applicants according to their academic level, learning ability, specialty, contribution to the community, moral education and other dimensions. Finally, 16 students were awarded scholarships with a total amount of more than one million yuan (President Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, Entrance Scholarship, and Freshman Scholarship).

The scholarship program recognizes the outstanding students to encourage others to make progress. Now let us take a closer look at these excellent representatives and the teachers of the Scholarship Committee, and listen to their voices.


Scott Reid & Weiky Liu: our original intention

Vice President Scott Reid and Deputy Director of HKWA’s middle school Weiky Liu, as members of the Scholarship Committee, shared the original intention of founding the scholarship and the evaluation, and earnestly sent messages to all our students and those who would join HKWA in the future.


Annie Li: excellence can be defined in many ways.

Grade 11, Freshman Scholarship Winner

Annie was the only freshman who won a full scholarship this academic year. She got her TOEFL score of 110+ in grade 10 and has always been a straight A student in other courses.

Annie spent two years in American high school before coming to HKWA. When it comes to the reason for returning to China, in her words, “The US has got me to see the outside world. But apart from studies, the boarding school life took me too much energy, so I decided to return.” HKWA’s curriculum system and faculty are perfect. Annie took the counselor’s advice of selecting four AP courses, and joined the United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) as a way of enriching her curriculum vitae while making progress in studies.


Even being such a straight A student, Annie remains very modest and gets along well with her classmates. I am the only newcomer, and this class gives me a strong sense of belonging. It’s only been a month, but I feel as if I have been here for a long time.


Annie knows what she wants for the future. With a cheerful personality, she is very interested in cultural media. I like talking with people and making friends, and that is how I find everyone has his or her own merits for me to learn from, and I want to be better,” Annie frankly said to her teacher. “So what is your definition of excellence?” “Justice, honesty and cohesion.”


Steven Sun: with national feelings, he wants to make the world a better place

Grade 11, Distinguished Scholarship Winner, Student Union President

Steven is described as being mature and steady”. From the way he talks to the way he behaves, we see the calm and composure that is not commonly seen in his age.

Steven came to HKWA from Grade 9. He finds the school’s free atmosphere and the cultural heritage with Tsinghua genes and national feelings more attractive than its beautiful environment and high-level facilities. Steven, who is concerned about the national economy and the people’s livelihood, has a keen interest in humanities and social sciences courses. He reads a lot (such as Historical Records, Book of History, Das Kapital and Wealth of Nation) and works as president in the Student Union, which enables the 17-year-old boy to have an ambition of “making the world a better place” while keeping the youth he should have at this age.


HKWA encourages students and teachers to carry out various topic discussions both in and out of class. Steven is concerned about everything from the Sino-US trade war to the Syrian refugee issue. “While learning knowledge and enriching myself, I want to think and practice more, to do something for the society and make the world a better place. His eyes twinkled when talking about his vision and future planning. “I like literature such as history, philosophy and psychology. I have communicated with my entrance guidance teachers and parents many times and received their support. My teachers even made a book list for me and encouraged me to think deeply.


As for interests and hobbies, Stevens preference for jazz drums gives him a literary flavor of “being composed but paranoid. Although the courses and the work of the Student Union takes up much spare time, he will spare a fixed time for jazz drums every week and even organizes a jazz band with the teachers and students. He knows “what should be done and what should not in this period of life”, with clear plans for future. “Steven is excellent in academic performance. He also demonstrates leadership, responsibility and self-discipline, exactly the qualities that HKWA students should have. He has infinite possibilities in the future,” said Weiky, deputy director of the middle school.


Jinting Guo: she has the wisdom of balancing and finds eternal strength in faith.

Grade 11, President of Student Union’s Culture and Sports Department, winner of President Scholarship and Excellence Scholarship

Jinting came to HKWA in August 2018, with a wide range of hobbies, rich experience, strong academic skills and a good vision and detailed planning for the future.

Jinting had spent four happy years studying in an international school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. There, her English improved rapidly and she made good friends from all over the world. After returning home to the school, Jinting frankly said HKWA had many things in common with Colombo’s schools. She is very adaptable to the school life in the English environment and makes full use of her time for classes, homework, self-study and group activities.Orderliness” is something she recognizes for being excellent people.


Of all the courses selected, Jinting has a strong interest in biology and psychology. She prefers hands-on, project-based learning like experiments and likes to share her new ideas with teachers. Jinting is good at sports. She has practiced track and field for more than ten years and likes ice hockey. As president of Student Union’s Culture and Sports Department, she organized the “Dress Down Day and other activities, calling on more students to participate in to enhance teamwork and cohesion. With all the rich and colorful courses, competitions and activities, she has known more friends and gained deeper understanding and rich experience in different professional fields.

With the help of teachers from the school entrance guidance center, the 11th grader Jinting has started planning for the future. According to the subjects and hobbies she is good at, teachers made a timetable for her entrance examination and recommended her the bibliography and the target colleges based on her interests. Jinting found that the teachers connected several hobbies for her, giving her more options. She used to know only what she liked, but now she has a clearer and detailed plan for the future.


Jinting likes the word balance, as she must keep a balance between study and life and among her hobbies and choices and so on.Life is about keeping balance,” said she. Jinting has full aspirations for the days ahead; she never forgets the wisdom of balance and finds eternal strength in faith. As Winter, her head teacher, said of her, Jinting is reliable, practical and sensible. She arranges her time for study, hobbies, life and others very well. Such comprehensive quality and all-round development are also what HKWA students should have.


Cecilia Yang: she keeps a low profile in school and tries her best as growing up

Grade 9, First Prize Winner of High School Entrance Scholarship

Cecilia came here in August 2017 three years ago. She reads a lot and is studious, modest, self-disciplined and low-profiled.

Cecilia spent two years living in a city in southwestern Germany, which enabled her to well adapt to a new environment, overcome language barriers and master German well. The greatest gain from studying and living in Germany, as Cecilia said, were the influence on her character. She was a shy primary school student before going abroad, but returning home as a cheerful middle school student. It really helps her adapt to the study and life in HKWA. Cecilia gets along well with teachers and students and loves exploring new interests in schoolwork.


Cecilia likes humanities courses such as English and history, and science courses such as biology. She stays focused in class, reads the bibliography recommended by her teachers carefully after class and loves exploring famous books in the library, such as Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights, Little Women, etc. Cecilia “inputs” through reading and outputs in public speeches by participating in TEDx in school. She said that she got improved after going through all the primary election, second interview, training and shows, broke through herself and gained a lot even though preparing the English speech was not easy at all.


Even being a straight A student in the class, Cecilia remains demanding of herself and says she needs to improve and learn more. She likes a line in the Gone with the Wind, “Burdens are for shoulders strong enough to carry them. Cecilia wants to be more responsible and work hard for the goal of studying medicine. “She is modest and tries her best in growing up. I believe that she will meet a better self in the future,” said her head teacher.



All efforts will be protected;

All excellence will be recognized.

It is expected that our demoiselle cranes will take their yearning for freedom;

With the courage to pursue their dreams;

As they grow up,

They will understand the meaning of hard work, harvest the medals of excellence!