The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). On September 17, 2019, as required of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee for students to take part in the four ones activities, HKWA organized a visit to the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution for the seventh graders and conducted a vivid patriotic education.


After arrival, all teachers and students solemnly vowed under the national flag to contribute their strength to China, I will fulfill the mission of the times and bear in mind what is entrusted by teachers and parents. With a vigorous soul, I will hone my will of the unyielding character and strive to be a qualified socialist builder and successor, making our motherland more prosperous, richer and stronger!”


Entering the exhibition hall, HKWA students passed through the missile exhibition hall, the nuclear weapons exhibition hall, the navy exhibition hall and the weapons exhibition hall in turn. Illustrated exhibitions, lifelike models and precious large-scale weapon exhibits attracted the attention of the students. They listened carefully to the explanations and took notes, while were deeply impressed by the long journey of the Chinese army: from the import of advanced foreign planes to the creation of Chinese airplanes independently; from being laughed for the absence of atomic bombs to the success of Chinas first atomic bomb explosion on October 16, 1964all these have showcased the prosperity and great strength of China.‍


The world, of course, is not the world that can be recognized in theory, but the world that can be experienced in the course of life, as said Schopenhauer, so life experience has become something indispensable for students. The visit to the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution was such a life experience and an enhancement of patriotism and collectivism. It has strengthened ones sense of belonging and identity to the country and the Chinese nation and one’s won faith. Now HKWA students feel that they are much interwoven with the nation and with each other, rather than just individuals. Each individual is part of a collective and gets strength from it.


The spark has shone at all times for more than 90 years since the founding of the army. After visiting the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, the students patriotism was aroused and promoted and they have gained a better understanding of the responsibilities and missions entrusted on them. As teenagers in the peaceful era and the future talents for China, HKWA students now know better the patriotism and China’s dream of building a strong army and being stronger in the world. They all said they would certainly remember their teachers teachings and parents instructions and work hard and develop in an all-round way to be qualified builders and successors of socialism, shouldering the mission entrusted by the times for the better tomorrow of China.