When night falls and the night study begins,

The school presents a different picture:

Boarders are in a variety of night self-study programs,

Academics, moral education, physical education, movie-watching...

Moonlight is mingled with light,

It is the shining light of knowledge.


Night self-study is a golden time for students and it should be efficient. As this term begins, HKWA makes overall upgrading and renovation of student dormitories. Apart from the upgrade, the school aims to provide all-round and optimized Night Programs for boarders, including professional night self-study academic counseling, thematic moral education activities, professional sports guidance, theme movies and dormitory culture decorations.


Gradually, the night self-study becomes something attractive. We find studious students and a good learning atmosphere in the school, forming an imperceptible and invisible spiritual power that encourages students to work hard and grow healthily.


Study Hall

Professional night self-study academic counseling: all-round, all-disciplinary and all-time guidance

For students to receive more professional help during night self-study, Richard Zhang, deputy director of the student center, and Stephen Pattenden, deputy director of the middle school, worked together and designed professional guidance in various forms. Grouped by grades, professional teachers in mathematics, English, history, music and other subjects offer counseling to students during night self-study and organize them to have project discussion and project-oriented learning based on daily teaching.


For example, heuristic theme teaching is adopted in the subject of English. For 6th and 8th graders, teachers focus on students English basics and enhance their language proficiency by improving their grammar and oral English. For students from grade 9 to grade 12, they focus more on students use of English and regularly use thematic teaching such as debate, speech and writing to provide students with diversified teaching guidance.

Thanks to the night self-study activities adjusted periodically, different subject tutors are available to students, with all-round, all-disciplinary and all-time help. Students will carefully fill in feedback forms before the end of night self-study, which will be signed by the tutor for confirmation. Meanwhile, the library and computer classrooms are also available for students to borrow and inquire about information. The abundant collection of books helps students increase their knowledge.

Moral Education: shouldering the mission of the times

HKWA’s professional dormitory management faculty makes a perfect management system manual and code of conduct and organizes a number of thematic moral education activities for students. In the theme activity of freshmens ice-breaking trip and via theme speeches and group activities, the students who were new in HKWA quickly adapted to the brand-new accommodation life, feeling the strong collective atmosphere. When giving flowers on the Teachers Day, boarding students extended holiday greetings to their beloved teachers around the school early in the morning.


On the reading day for “918 Incident” patriotism education, students learned about history and had group discussions through different reading forms. In their reading notes, they wrote, “We youngsters will shoulder the historical mission entrusted by the times, remember historical lessons and cherish the happy life. We will work hard to fulfill the great hope of the Chinese nation and the people and write a more brilliant new chapter.”


Sports Week

Professional sports guidance activities: hard training and great vitality

Sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, football and calisthenics are well developed, with cheers and laughter bursting with the sunset. It is the Sports Week’s sports professional guidance. At the beginning of the term when extended courses are not opened, HKWA’s sports professional guidance team specially carries out after-class sports activities for students, who are divided into several groups for training. Students’ physical quality gets improve through the personalized guidance and their after-class life is enriched. The school is full of vitality, passion and health because of these students who love sporting.


Movie Night

Theme movies watching: spread positive energy

I do not want to make a living; I want a life.In addition to their studies, HKWA students share movies and their cultural life, such as watching WALL-E, the first movie in the Movie Night. “Stories in movies develop so fast and you can always see something of yourself, said the students. Movie Night fully exerts the education significance of excellent movies to educate students on their outlook on life and on the world, ideals and beliefs. It is a good opportunity for excellent films and television works to nourish students’ hearts, guiding them to establish correct outlook on life and values.


Decoration Night

Dormitory culture decorations: artistic life

Dormitory decorations are something typical that reflects the artistic life of students; and the artistry of life is also a bridge to show love for life and inner feelings. In the Decoration Night, HKWA students decorated their dormitories with colorful paper, creating their own living space and a warm and harmonious dormitory environment. “Dormitories contain the common and warm memories of the students. With careful decorations, everyone feels as if they were in home,” said the dormitory supervisor Wilson Wang.


May every student works hard,

Make progress together,

Grow up to be excellent teenagers,

And create a future of your own!