You and me gather here,

Open the door to poetry readings,

Sing the splendid history, mountains and rivers, and spring and autumn of China with our hearts

We are poetry readers;

We chant classical poetry r to express our love for the Chinese nation and people.


The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949. On the eve of the grand occasion, on September 28, HKWA Middle School held the 4th HKWA Poetry Fair to pass on the classics of traditional Chinese culture, carry forward the essential national culture and show our love for home and the country, fully expressing the great respect for our motherland with poetry.

Organized in each class, the poetry fair motivated all the students in the middle school. The students read many classic poems and articles enthusiastically. For example, the students in Class A, Grade 9, read the poem Young China to express their positive and enterprising attitude and desire to make China prosperous and strong. Those in Class C, Grade 9, and Jimmy, a Taiwanese teacher in HKWA, together read Homesickness, by which they conveyed the poet’s homesickness and longing for the reunification of the motherland to the audience, and triggered their attachment to their hometown. Many parents and teachers were moved and tears filled their eyes. The students in Class A, Grade 11 read Changsha, Qinyuanchun. Their sonorous and powerful voice conveyed the sense of responsibility and mission of serving people worldwide as their duty. Everyone enjoyed the classics together, taking the stage a humanistic place for inspiring writing and making the school an earthly paradise.


“The poetry fair themed on love for our country and people helps not only enliven our school culture, creating a strong humanistic environment, but further arouse students interest in classical patriotic poems and improve the level of readings and appreciation. It strengthens the ideological and moral education and carries forward the socialist core values and patriotism,” said Jing Zou, head of the Chinese Language Office of HKWA middle school.

After the Rain by Vice President Scott Reid

Memories of The South by students in Class A, Grade 6

On Hearing Imperial Forces Have Recovered the Northeast by students in Class B, Grade 6

Tang Poems by students in Class C, Grade 6

Tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Dream by students in Class D, Grade 6

Ode to the West Wind (Verse 1) by students in Class A, Grade 7

Ode to the West Wind (Verse 2) by students in Class B, Grade 7

Ode to the West Wind (Verse 3) by students in Class C, Grade 7

Ode to the West Wind (Verse 3) by students in Class C, Grade 7

Ode to the West Wind (Verse 5) by students in Class E, Grade 7

Autumn Thoughts, Yujia’ao by students in Class A, Grade 8

Hunting in Mizhou, Jiangchengzi by students in Class B, Grade 8