01 What is KWA's arrangement for Chinese and English courses?

Most of the academic courses(Math,ELA,Science etc.), PE, Music and Arts, EP courses, and club courses will be taught in English. Chinese lessons, Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences lessons, and part of Science lessons, Math and lessons of EP courses will be taught in Chinese.

02 What curriculum system will KWA adopt?

KWA’s curriculum system for its primary and secondary school is Kaiwen Integrated Curriculum (KIC). It is a consistent bilingual curriculum system for Grades K-12, a system developed based on research of the US and other international curricula, while combining the essential contents of Chinese curricula, the Chinese and Western teaching advantages, and KWA’s philosophy of running a school. It is a curriculum system that has international quality, Chinese roots and Tsinghua characteristics.

03 What about KWA’s extended courses?

Our enrichment courses are to perfect students' knowledge structure, broaden their horizons, and improve their practical and innovative abilities. Enrichment courses, as the improvement and complementary of “core courses”, are offered to meet the growing demand of students.

04 What are KWA's club courses like?

Our clubs are the elective course after class, providing students with rich and colorful after class activities. We have nearly 60 clubs covering sports, music, the arts, science, creativity, and more. We employ world-class teachers and adopt an American framework to comprehensively improve students' art and PE achievements as well as their international perspective.

05 What about KWA’s school system?

KWA implements the 5-3-4 school system, that is, primary school: Grades 1-5; middle school: Grades 6-8; and high school: Grades 9-12.

06 What about KWA's subject setting?

Primary school: Math, Science, Chinese, English, art courses, extended courses, and club courses.
Middle school: Math, English courses, Chinese courses, science courses, art courses, extended courses, club courses and immersion short semester.
High school: language courses, Math, Science, Social Sciences, AP Courses,art and physical education courses, elective courses, extended courses, club courses and immersion short semester.

07 Is there any after-class tutoring?

Our teachers will provide after-class tutoring according to students’ different learning situations. They will be happy to answer any questions the students may have regarding academic courses.Chinese and International advisers will be appointed for senior grades to care about and advise on students’ learning and lives at KWA.

08 Is there any charge for ESL language tutoring?

We have free ESL English tutoring that will be conducted according to the children’s English levels. The teaching model of the course will be decided based on the actual situation for the students.

09 Will the school offer college admission counseling?

KWA provides high-quality college admission counseling for our students to enter a higher school. The perfect college admission counseling platform system of our school will provide students with a comprehensive professional guidance and planning from start to finish. Our counselors, experienced and highly recognized by overseas colleges and universities, can escort students to schools of their satisfaction.