01 Does the school provide school bus service? How is the school bus service arranged?

KWA provide school bus service for our students. The services are operated by Beijing Tianxiang International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Beijing Tianxiang International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Beijing Public Transportation Group, and has been awarded as one of "Beijing's Top 10" as well as "China's Top 100" tourism enterprise for three consecutive years. The company passed the ISO9001 quality certification in 2001, and possesses the "Permit on Road Transport Business of People's Republic of China". Moreover, the company was rated by the China Road Transport Association as a first grade enterprise for road passenger transportation in China in 2005; meanwhile, the company has also gained the credential as a "Government Procurement Transportation Enterprise" from the central ministries and Beijing Municipality. Beijing Tianxiang International Travel Service Co., Ltd. not only provides regular bus services and school bus services for various agencies, enterprises, institutions, and international schools in Beijing, but also caters to transportation needs in important events, such as the Olympic Games.
KWA is operating 6 school bus routes at present. A teacher will be assigned to each school bus to look after the students throughout the bus rides to and from the school and act as the direct contact with the students' parents. Each school bus is equipped with seat belts, a negative oxygen ion air purifier, a surveillance camera, emergency hammers and alarms, fire extinguishers, and a 3-way video surveillance.

02 How is the student dormitory?

With a construction area of 5,850 square meters, the dormitory with professional dormitory teachers can accommodate 480 students. In principle, KWA only provides accommodation for students in Grades 7-12. If students in Grades 1-6 need to live at school for special reasons, it should be discussed and determined at the working conference of principals.

03 How is KWA's catering service operated and managed?

Beijing Kaiwen Academy provides catering services for students through the Beijing Kaiyu Xinde Catering Management Co., Ltd., which is operated and administrated by a team with rich catering operations experience in a number of international schools. The school serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During students' meal times, teachers and cafeteria staff oversee students' dining, to help students develop and maintain good and civilized eating habits. Safety and nutrition are our school's food services guidelines.