Alise Brooks/USA
Head of Primary Homeroom Teachers
Ms. Brooks is a two-time National Board Certified Teacher and has been teaching for 18 years. In 2017, she was added to the Congressional Record for Teacher of Distinction and also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. She is a dually certified in K-3 primary education and ESOL. Ms. Brooks attended George Mason University where she received Bachelors degrees in Health Education and Psychology and a Masters of Education degree. As a lead teacher she guided teachers and specialists through the Collaborative Learning Team process to create effective unit plans for Math and Language Arts. She also co-presented with 1st-3rd grade teachers at Virginia Math Teachers Conference and discussed the findings of a collaborative lesson plan study, which was created using vertical alignment. For two years Ms. Brooks was selected to work on her county’s Math Focus group to develop unit plans used by 2nd grade teachers. Ms. Brooks has traveled to Swaziland, Guatemala, Estonia, and Ghana as a volunteer in which she helped young people in their communities and schools.
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