Brittany Joubert / South Africa
Deputy Head of PE
Ms. Joubert is a dedicated enthusiastic Physical Education teacher with 5 years of teaching experience from South Africa, New Zealand and China. She graduated from the University of Pretoria, in South Africa, with a Bachelor of Education in Human Movement Sciences and Sports Management. Her specialized degree allows her to observe and correct the movement of the body as it relates to any movement a learner is performing, to refine that movement and to help the student perform at their optimal level. Ms. Joubert is passionate about helping learners to perform at a high level through developing quality lessons and setting achievable goals. She believes in a holistic education which encompasses the mind, body and soul working as one to promote effective learning. Ms. Joubert is passionate about teaching her students to understand how their bodies work and how to use them effectively for physical health, flexibility, motor function, mental health, and refining movement techniques that can be applied to daily life and specific sports.
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