Sherry Wei
Local Year Head of Grade 1
Ms. Wei brings 3 years of experiences as a bilingual homeroom teacher in Grade 1 in Kaiwen and dedicated to students' academic and behavioral development by close cooperation with her team. She graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing and is certified in High school English Teacher Certificate and TESOL. Worked as a Mandarin teacher in UK for one year, teaching in college, secondary, especially primary allows her to have a better understanding and experience in education with a broader view.
Cherry Jing
Local Year Head of Grade 2
Ms. Jing brings 7 years of experience as a homeroom teacher in International Kindergarten and Primary School. She graduated from Tianjin Normal University with Master Degree of English Education, and her research mainly focused on the effective design of the content and form of English homework in elementary school. Ms. Jing is very organized with class management, and she is very nice to students.
Echo Zhou
Local Year Head of Grade 3
Ms. Zhou has nine years of teaching experience as a dual immersion teacher in the United States and English teacher in China. Ms. Zhou graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She holds a High School teaching license and a Professional Educator License of Elementary Chinese Dual Immersion for the state of Utah in the United States. Ms. Zhou was certified with TEM 8. And she is the 1st Level Teacher of Primary School. Ms. Zhou has a good understanding of IB international concept. She is glad to work with young children and develop their abilities to explore, act, and reflect. Ms. Zhou has attractive performance skills, which help to manage classroom. She always integrates teaching materials and resources in order to offer students a unique international education.
Lulu Zhang
Local Year Head of Grade 4
Miss. Zhang Lulu graduated from Communication University of China and holds a master's degree in Chinese International Education. She once served as a Chinese International Teacher of the Confucius Institute to teach in Korea and the United Kingdom for one year. She has been exposed to different ages from kindergarten to college students in the process of Chinese language teaching. She has some experience in language learning and class management. Mr. Lulu has been in Kaiwen as a 5th grade bilingual homeroom teacher for two years. She has been a homeroom teacher who is very popular among students and trusted by parents. She is enthusiastic and cheerful. She has a responsibility for student learning, methods for class management, and patience with communication between parents and school. She is committed to cultivating good learning habits for children, and teaching children the appropriate learning methods.
Annabelle Wang
Local Year Head of Grade 5
Ms. Wang has been working as a homeroom teacher in the upper primary school for three years. Ms. Wang graduated from Yancheng Teachers University, majoring in English teaching, and obtained a Bachelor of literature degree, with a senior middle school English teacher qualification certificate, and CET-8. Ms. Wang is an active and responsible person, and she is popular among her students and their parents. She has been working as a fourth-grade homeroom teacher for three years, and she has some experience in class management. She holds a positive attitude towards work and cares about students. She treats all her students equally and with respect, and she believes love and responsibility are essential to education. Ms. Wang motivates students to love learning, helps students to cultivate a better learning habit, helps students to gain the ability to be an independent learner, listens to the students with care and kindness when they struggle with social-emotional problems and helps them to find different ways to overcome their problems. Ms. Wang maintains open communication between the school and the parents, and she speaks to the parents honestly, sincerely and in a professional manner. With understanding and support from the parents, she helps students enjoy learning and be enthusiastic learners.
*Teachers' names are listed in no particular order.