Emmi Martin/USA
International Year Head of Grade 1
Ms. Emmi graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education. She has completed a TEFL course and teacher's certification course at the University of Florida. As a teacher, she has taught about 6 years in China, with teaching K-3 and some IB international schools. She looks forward to helping better the students and preparing them for their future endeavors!
Aaron James Priestley/UK
International Year Head of Grade 2
Mr. Priestley is a graduate of the University of York (UK) and is dedicated and qualified professional teacher of nearly 10 years across different primary levels, with a focus on K-3. He has teaching experience in the UK, Korea, and China. He has received his CELTA qualification during this time to be able to better understand and support language learners. While in Korea, Mr. Priestley had the chance to design and publish student textbooks on behalf of the Gwangju Metropolitan Board of Education (Korea). Additionally, he was able to head initiatives to support lower income learners in the community via an online teaching program. In Beijing, he has worked at two international schools as a head of year since his arrival in 2017. Mr. Priestley is passionate about teaching creatively and inspiring innovation among global learners and works.
Alise Brooks / U.S.
International Year Head of Grade 3
Ms.Brooks has been teaching at the primary level for 20 years in American and China. Currently she is a two-time National Board Certified Teacher. In 2017, she was added to the Congressional Record for Teacher of Distinction and also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition by the United States Congress. She is dually licensed and certified to teach both K-3 primary education and English as a Second Language. She attended George Mason University where she received Bachelor's Degrees in both Health Education and Psychology and a Masters of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She has also co-presented with 1st-3rd grade teachers at Virginia Math Teachers Conference and discussed the findings of a collaborative lesson plan study, which was created using vertical alignment. The goals that she has for the third graders are: to provide engaging lessons and hands on activities that lead to growth, progress, and academic success for Science, Language Arts, Math, and Writing. She also wants to inspire the students to read more and love reading like she does. Her hope is that they will end third grade they will be using effective reading strategies to better understand the text. She also wants the children to develop into fluent, eloquent, and insightful writers and she would like to create an organized community of responsible, mindful, and respectful learners.
Cheridah Tyner-St. Amand/USA
International Year Head of Grade 4
Cheridah Tyner-St. Amand graduated from the prestigious private college, Florida Southern, with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Art and Elementary Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and listed in the book, Who's Who Among America's Best Teachers. Mrs. St. Amand's Primary Education teaching certification includes a 300-hour ESOL Endorsement, and is TESOL/TEFL certified. With over 20 years of experience teaching grades Pre-K through Grade 4, Mrs. St. Amand understands the value of building a respectful and caring classroom environment where students feel safe to express themselves. She is also passionate about providing high quality instruction. Therefore, Mrs. St. Amand adeptly develops and implements interactive instructional learning units that foster high-level student engagement. She challenges her students to think creatively, become responsible for their own learning, and cultivates each student's growth by providing structures that promote student goal setting, self-reflecting on learning, and sharing a dedication to learning.
Amanda Williams/South Africa
International Year Head of Grade 5
Ms. Williams has 30 years of international education experience and is committed to teaching international core courses in primary and secondary schools. She received a bachelor's degree in English language and literature, a master's degree in teaching leadership and international awareness from the University of Orange, South Africa. Her teaching goal is to cultivate students' critical thinking, create a "reflective learning" teaching system, and guide students to become the beneficiaries of lifelong learning.
*Teachers' names are listed in no particular order.