Dave Wei
Local Head of Social Science
Mr. Wei graduated from Brooke University in Canada with a master's degree in educational management. In the process of teaching the humanities and social sciences courses of grades 6-12 in the international school, through the humorous teaching style, encouraging innovative teaching modes and thought-provoking teaching methods, he has been highly praised by the students and parents. Mr. Wei is a cross-border teacher. In addition to his continuous exploration and research in the field of education, he also has nearly 6 years of valuable management and work experience in many of the world's top 500 enterprises and well-known Internet enterprises. These experiences have also laid a solid foundation for Mr. Wei to integrate professional business knowledge into the teaching of the school, lead the students to analyze the business model and participate in various academic and commercial competitions nationwide and abroad. In the past two years, Mr. Wei led more than 300 students to participate in many national and world-class competitions and achieved many remarkable results, winning more than 30 gold, silver, bronze and other awards. Mr. Wei believes that his innovative teaching methods can empower students' learning and growth, help expand students' global vision and expand their life pattern at the same time.
Kaitlyn Willesen/USA
International Head of Social Science
Kaitlyn Willesen is going on her seventh year as a highly qualified and professional Social Studies teacher. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, and her education also included certification in Secondary English Immersion. Mrs. Willesen went on to further her education at Northern Arizona University and graduated with her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Kaitlyn has considerable experience teaching both high and middle school English Language Learners, making her content both exciting and understandable to her students.
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