Teresa Li
Supervisor of Counselling
Ms. Li graduated from Portland State University in the United States with a Master's degree in TESOL. She started living in the United States at the age of 15. After graduation, she was involved and responsible for admissions at Portland State University and Portland Community College in the United States. She has an in-depth understanding of the American education system, the admission process and campus culture. Ms. Li has served as a member of the International Student Scholarship Committee and deputy director of the International Student Affairs Council with her job roles in the U.S.. She has provided international students with a great deal of support in both academically and culturally. After returning to China, Ms. Li served as a senior counselor at the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Ms. Li will continue to build personalized application plans and admission programs for students at Beijing Kaiwen Academy, and help them enter universities that fit the best.
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