Richard Zhang
Deputy Director of Student Center
Mr. Zhang has been the advisor, secretary of the youth league committee, director of moral education, director of foreign affairs, assistant to the principal and so on. He has rich experience in English teaching, moral education management and foreign affairs. He committed to the moral education of primary and secondary schools and the whole school-age English teaching work for more than 10 years, he also won the unanimous love and wide praise of many students and parents. By virtue of his sincere love and devotion to education work, as well as his unique educational concept and innovative working thinking, he has won many honors such as municipal, district and school-level excellent teachers, outstanding young class teachers, outstanding moral education educators, students' favorite good teachers, and municipal outstanding foreign affairs workers. Meanwhile, he had been mainly responsible for the inter-school cooperation and exchange between many famous overseas universities and domestic primary and secondary schools. Mr. Zhang, relying on outstanding management concept, combines management with education, which can not only let students get rid of the boring traditional education, but also lead the children to experience the profound world.
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