China and Japan are neighbors separated only by a strip of water,

Sharing a 2,000-year history of friendly ties and cultural exchanges.

When teachers and students of Japanese Makuhari Middle and High School visit Kaiwen Academy,

What will happen?


As a private internationalized bilingual school, Kaiwen Academy has been dedicating foreign exchanges and education activities to improving education quality and enriching education dimensions. In both international and domestic exchanges, Kaiwen students learnt a lot beyond textbooks, accumulated unforgettable experience and enriched their understanding on the world.


For the purpose of enhancing exchanges and interaction between Kaiwen students and secondary school students from Japan and deepen understanding and friendship, on October 11, 2019, a delegation of Japanese Makuhari Middle and High School consisting of 25 teachers and students visited Kaiwen Academy. The two parties conducted pleasant and friendly exchanges and discussions.


During the exchanges, Vice Principal Scott Reid welcomed the delegation from Japanese Makuhari Middle and High School in his speech and briefly introduced the history and education highlights of Kaiwen, the spirit of demoiselle crane of “adaptability, courage and persistence”, cultivation of leadership with devotion to family and country and global vision and frequently held international exchange activities. He emphasized that exchanges among middle school students are the first step towards internationalization and hoped that students from the two countries will seek common ground while putting aside differences, strengthen friendly ties and enhance awareness of international bonding and understanding.


Student representatives from the two schools made presentations in English fluently. Students from Japanese Makuhari School introduced the profile of the school, daily study, dietary habits and popular culture, while students from Kaiwen showed distinctive school activities in subjects, student associations, enrichment and research. Part of the presentations found an echo with the students and set off rounds of applause and laughter.


As guided by Kaiwen students, the delegation of Japanese Makuhari School walked into classes and campus to experience distinctive Kaiwen culture and colorful activities. Japanese students said: “On a study tour in China, you’ll always be impressed by its culture and feel the difference between Chinese and Japanese culture, but they still share a lot of common ground”. Kaiwen students also felt: “China and Japan are neighbors across a strip of water with a long history of cultural exchanges, such as the case with Monk Jianzhen travelling several times to Japan to communicate Chinese culture. Hopefully, we will become the bond between China and Japan for friendly development in the future.”


Towards the end, students of the two schools exchanged gifts. The event became an unforgettable experience for the students, deepened mutual understanding between Chinese and Japanese youths and tightened their friendly bonds. Look forward to the next gathering!